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resort in Courchevel

Ski resort in Courchevel – a dream for any traveler

Courchevel is considered to be one of the most prestigious and (be sure) expensive ski resorts all over the world, which has a huge“assortment” of trails for beginners and snowboarders, as well as for real masters and lovers of extreme. In addition tourists also can:

  • visit the indoor sports complex “Courchevel 1850” and enjoy the game of hockey players or stunts of professional figure skaters;
  • arrange go-karting on ice;
  • ride on the dog sleds;
  • try traditional French dishes and delicacies at local restaurants.Courchevel

How much does it cost?

Rest in the hotels of Courchevel is quite expensive: in the season even the cheapest room for two people will cost at least $150-200 per night, and expensive apartments will cost about $1500. Please note that prices vary depending on:

  • distance from the ski lifts;
  • level of comfort;
  • Seasons (as a rule, the tourist season starts at the end of November and ends near the end of April).


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