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Weekends in Manchuria

Weekends in Manchuria: why do tourists go there?

Manchuria is a small but very unusual frontier city of China, which became the center of Russian-Chinese trade and many traditional cultural and historical sites. Basically, tourists go here for the sake of budget shopping, because here you can buy almost everything. Nevertheless, many travelers come to Manchuria to look at unusual sights that look more like Russian than one of the Asian:

  • The square of matryoshka dolls;
  • Park of copies;
  • Museum of Russian Art;
  • Ice town.

Approximate price in hotels of Manchuria

Due to the variety of local hotels in Manchuria, visitors of any level of prosperity will be able to find affordable housing. Budget tourists are given the opportunity to spend the night in a modest room with free internet and additional services for only $5 per person. If you prefer to travel in comfort, you can stay in luxury apartments of four or five-star hotels located in the center of Manchuria: the cost of accommodation will be 150-250 dollars per day.


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