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holiday in Monte Carlo

A magical holiday in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is only two square kilometers, which became the capital of the principality of Monaco and a favorite resort for tourists around the world. Quiet rest on local sandy and small-pebble beaches by the evening changes for walks on picturesque streets of area, games of chance in the Casino-du-Monte-Carlo and shopping. In addition, if you come to Monte Carlo, you must visit:

  • Palais de Monaco;
  • Oceanographic Museum;
  • Museum of ancient cars of Prince Rainier III.

Prices of hotels in Monte Carlo

Not all travelers can afford a vacation in the Monaco capital. Everything here is quite expensive: from small souvenirs to a rest in one of the hotels in Monte Carlo. The cheapest offers for two people are stylish rooms with all facilities at a price of 150-200 dollars per night. Luxury apartments in four- and five-star hotels will cost about 400-750 dollars. At the same time, the location of the resort has practically no effect on the cost: everything is very close – within a few minutes of walking.


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