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Where to go in London: 10 sights you can visit for free

To get acquainted with London, it is not necessary to waste a lot of money.

Of course, in this city, you will surely find many interesting places in London that are not cheap even for wealthy tourists. For example, in Legoland, you will spend an average of 150 pounds per day while family walk around the London Zoo or such place of interest as Tower will cost more than 50 pounds.

Is it possible to have a rest with the whole family and save money? Where and how to spend time cheap, but get a lot of fun and excitement?

Here a sheet (incomplete, of course) of “must-see” London sights where you will not need any penny.

  1. The National Gallery;
  2. The National Portrait Gallery;
  3. The Victoria and Albert Museum;
  4. Tate Britain;
  5. Tate Modern;
  6. Somerset House;
  7. The British Museum;
  8. The Museum of London;
  9. The Science Museum;
  10. The Natural History Museum.


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